Expert Flameproof Products

Expert Flameproof Products

Expert Mining Solutions offers custom-designed flameproof equipment and carries MASC certification for manufacturing flameproof and non-flameproof equipment. We specialise in custom- designed flameproof and non-flameproof equipment for Mining and Intrinsic safe industries. Our extensive range is manufactured to the highest international standards. Expert Mining Solutions manufactures, supplies and also repairs flameproof, non-flameproof equipment off and on site.

  • Flameproof Control Panels
  • Flameproof Pump Start/Stop Panels
  • Flameproof Flasher Lights
  • Flameproof Light Enclosures
  • Flameproof Camera Housings
  • Flameproof Junction Boxes
  • Flameproof Isolation Boxes
  • Flameproof Start/Stop Station

Expert Flameproof Products:

Expert FP-002-00 Junction Box ISO1

Expert FP-002-00 Interface Box ISO3

Expert FP-003-00 Screen Enclosure PV 480 Small ISO1

Expert FP-047-00 FLP Area Light with Protect Guard 600mm ISO1

Expert FP-008-00 NVR Enclosure ISO2

Expert FP-009-00 Double Screen Enclosure ISO1

Expert FP-012-00 Single Screen Enclosure ISO2

Expert FP-013-00 Control Panel ISO1

Expert FP-014-00 Trigger Switch Enclosure ISO1

Expert FP-015-00 Junction-Box 4 Way M20 ISO1

Expert FP-017-00 Lockable Push Button M20 ISO2

Expert FP-018-00 FLP Display Single Button Enclosure ISO2

Expert FP-022-00 Pump Station Panel ISO3

Expert FP-025-00 Flasher - Siren 12v24v Combo ISO1

Expert FP-027-00 Double Screen 2 Door Enclosure ISO1

Expert FP-030-00 - Hinged R-Hand Single Screen Enclosure ISO1

Expert FP-032-00 ExDetect Al Nano Camera Enclosure ISO1

Expert FP-033-00 ExDetect Controller Enclosure ISO2

Expert FP-034-00 ExDetect Display Screen 7in Enclosure ISO4

Expert FP-035-00 - RB FP 013 WiFi Controller ISO1

Expert FP-035-00 - RB FP 013 WiFi Controller ISO3

Expert FP-036-00 Junction Box 4 Way lockable push button ISO2

Expert FP-037-00 Junction Box 2 Way M20 ISO1

Expert FP-041-00 Pump Start Stop Panel ISO3

Expert FP-042-00 Junction Box 4 Way Isolator box ISO3

Expert FP-043-00 Trolley Pump Enclosure Panel ISO3

Expert FP-044-00 Junction Box 2 Way Isolator box ISO2

Expert FP-045-00 Starter IA White Enclosure ISO2

Expert FP-045-00 Starter IA White Enclosure ISO5

Expert FP-046-00 FLP Area Light with Protect Guard ISO1

Expert FP-046-00 FLP Light 300mm with Bracket ISO2

Expert FP-047-00 FLP Area light 600mm with Bracket ISO2

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