ExDetect Surface Artificial Intelligent Camera Warning System

ExDetect Surface Artificial Intelligent Camera Warning System

Let machines “See” with a highly developed long range AI, 3D camera pedestrian detection system for mining and industrial applications. The Ex Detect system is aimed at improving safety by alerting the machine operator of potential pedestrians and machines that the vehicle may collide with. The system is aimed at creating “Proximity awareness” and help protect vehicles and passing by pedestrians in a working environment.

The Ex Detect System supports single camera or multiple camera configuration for optimal proximity awareness.

Dynamic Zoning: The detection zone is automatically increased when the vehicle is travelling at higher speeds as apposed to low speed thus allowing the system to only detect object that are dangerously close to the vehicle. Before the pedestrian/ vehicle enters the danger zone the vehicle operator would be warned to decrease speed or change direction.


Available Appointments on July 18, 2024

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