Hard Rock Collision Avoidance System and Personnel Detection System

Hard Rock Collision Avoidance System and Personnel Detection System

With our focus on the platinum & chrome mining sector, we offer a detection system for all vehicle types including heavy and light vehicles. We provide a tag-based detection system for mobile and fixed assets including personnel. Multiple technologies are used simultaneously for the accurate detection and reporting within the PAS system.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Units can be reconfigured to suite different vehicle types
  • The systems use of multiple detection technologies simultaneously, offers a safer and more reliable solution
  • Versatile configurations allow for multiple warning scenarios and eliminates false alarms
  • The software backend to the PAS system allows for accurate reporting and control of worksites
  • The simplistic approach to the unit allows for onsite training and customer ownership


  • Multiple detection technologies:
  • EM (Electromagnetics)
  • RFID
  • GPS
  • Bi-Directional Radar


  • Standard (PAS-Z) and ruggedized version (PAS_ZR)
  • Multiple technologies for redundancy and accuracy
  • Wi-Fi ready & 3G Capable
  • Recognizes 4 user definable groups, such as personnel, assets, vehicle types, visitors, obstacles etc.
  • Each vehicle has 4 configurable zones for each group type
  • Critical reports for daily review and full data capture for offsite analysis
  • 3 outputs and 4 inputs for alarms or allowing optional control and interaction with vehicle operation
  • Compatible with PBE’s tracking system and entry/exit system functionality for an integrated solution
  • GPS receiver for surface tracking and defining site Geofencing
  • Powered via the ignition circuit of the vehicle/machine or via an auxiliary power source
  • USB port for configuration and data extraction without wireless connectivity
  • CANBUS Ready
  • EMERST Level 9 Compliant – – Configuration and data extraction can be done wirelessly or via the USB port

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