Expert Fire Suppression Systems

Expert Fire Suppression Systems

Expert Fire Solutions offers design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fire Suppression solutions for all industries including; Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Transport, Waste Management, Construction and Railway.

Key Capabilities factors are:

  • Conveyor belt fire suppression
  • Fire detection camera networks
  • Vehicle suppression systems
  • Gas suppression systems
  • Transformer fire suppression
  • Conveyor belt monitoring
  • Fire detection equipment
  • Mobile fire fighting
  • Fire fighting PPE


Expert Fire Suppression Products:


As an OEM, I-CAT specializes in developing world-leading fire suppression technologies that are at the forefront of fire safety for various industries. We conduct multidisciplinary research…


In an automatic system, the closing of any one of the normally open heat detection devices will cause the Control Unit or Circuit Monitor Panel to discharge the electric actuator. The pressure…

Expert Fire Solutions

Expert Fire Solutions offers a range of technologies that are dynamic, innovative & effective to exceed client’s expectations. Our fire suppression products all utilise specialised T Rotor technology that…

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