Blaze Buster

Blaze Buster

The BLAZE BUSTER unit was developed as a fast and effective alternative to major fire extinguishing equipment. The BLAZE BUSTER consists of 4 x 230L cylinders and a high-performance cannon. The BLAZE BUSTER is also fitted with a hose reel with an accompanying BB Gun (discharge nozzle). The BB Gun has two different functions i.e. “Mist” and “Stream”. The BLAZE BUSTER cannon and BB Gun can be operated simultaneously.


  • Operated without any electrical supply.
  • Effectively used for rural areas and remote locations as an emergency response unit for small building fires.
  • Cannon has a range of 30m while the BB Gun has a range of 18m in “Stream” function Is able to effectively suppress large Class A and B fires.
  • Its mobility allows for it to be kept on-site as a quick response unit, mitigating time delays caused by conventional fire trucks.
  • Effectively operated by only two people.
  • Utilises significantly less water to suppress large scale fires which would typically require a full load of water from a fire truck to suppress.


  • Chemical storage
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Refinery
  • Informal settlements


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