Fire Suppression Technologies

As an OEM, I-CAT specializes in developing world-leading fire suppression technologies that are at the forefront of fire safety for various industries. We conduct multidisciplinary research and technological innovation to advance our fire suppression technologies. I-CAT manufactures highly- effective fire suppression systems that make use of leading misting technology that has been certified by industry-leading accreditations and comply with the set regulations and standards for various applications.

I-CAT’s e-learning platform has been developed to ensure that clients receive optimal after-sales support with installation training, technical support, in-depth product knowledge. The online learning platform provides users with the most convenient method of learning about our fire suppression technologies. We are committed to exceeding client expectations.

Our wide range of fire suppression systems have been developed to mitigate associated fire risks across various industries.


I-CAT Products:


I-PROTECT systems are designed for fire suppression in small unoccupied defined volume enclosures. The I-PROTECT systems use a single method of detection and conveyance of the extinguishing…

Conveyor Solutions

The danger with conveyor belt fires is that they are fast spreading. The result can be a fire that spreads across the distance of the conveyor belt and structure.The supporting structures…

Transformer Solutions

Transformer fires have been identified as low-probability, high-impact risks. Once a transformer fire occurs, the impact on the safety of workers, company property and the environment are severe. It…

Blaze Buster

The BLAZE BUSTER unit was developed as a fast and effective alternative to major fire extinguishing equipment. The BLAZE BUSTER consists of 4 x 230L cylinders and a high-performance cannon…

Vehicle Suppression

Vehicle Suppression Systems are indirect systems consisting of cylinders, hydraulic fire suppression hose as well as specialised discharge nozzles and are installed in engine compartments of heavy- and…

ROTO Fire Pack

The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is capable of extinguishing Class A, B and K fires by using foam mist as the extinguishing agent. The ROTO-FIRE-PAC is an effective alternative to handheld extinguishers…

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