Special Risk Solutions

Special Risk Solutions

What are ‘Special Risk’ fire safety areas?

A special risk situation is an area of industry that has a higher-than-normal risk of fire or the consequences of fire are more devastating than normal. These situations are usually in an industry that uses highly combustible materials or undertakes high-risk processes. A blaze in these areas can spread rapidly and escalate to a ferocious heat. Examples of these ‘special risk’ areas would be Waste Management plants, Power Stations and any industry working with wood or paper. You can view our client list for more examples of special risk industries.

How are fires in Special Risk areas detected?

When there is a fire in a special risk area it is crucial that it is contained and controlled quickly. We work closely with our clients to provide various detectors to detect or pre-empt any dangers in the special risk area. Depending on the situation we could use an aspirating smoke detection system, a spark detection system (that will extinguish any sparks before a fire can start) or even constantly monitored remote management systems (to alert you to any potential fire risks with your equipment).

How are fires in special risk areas extinguished?

How the fire is extinguished in a special risk area depends on the situation. Usually, we will advise either a gas suppression system, water mist system and dry or wet suppression system.

How Expert Fire Solutions can help you.

When it comes to ‘special risks’ fire safety systems we have over forty years’ experience, with knowledge and expertise of all current fire detection and suppression systems. This offers you peace of mind that what we recommend comes with a wealth of experience and ensures your fire safety is in safe hands.

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