Expert on Site Flameproof Inspection Services

Welcome to Expert Mining Solution, where we strive to deliver the best in services when it comes to On Site Flame Proof Inspection Services.

In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer a great range of services to aid you in your day to day operations. We have teams available to assist on a 24/7 basis when it comes to ensuring that your flame proof assets comply. Our experienced teams offer section and machine audit and inspections, machine panel insert/hole deviation reports with MASC approved measurement tools, on site machine & switchgear panel repairs that do not comply as well as machine document compliance reports. Our teams are just a phone call away to and ready to assist you in any breakdowns or planned maintenance.  Our team boasts a cumulative installation, repair and maintenance experience of over 10 years in the coal mining sector.

We are an experienced service provider and perform service under the “Notice of Co-Operation” between MASC (Mining and Surface Certification) to conduct work in hazardous locations with EX equipment based on subsequent approvals/inspections by MASC personnel.

Our dedicated teams undergo various training competency requirements, and carry MASC Flameproof, Installation and Repair certification which includes the following principles SANS 60079-0 / SANS 60079-1 / SANS 60079-19 and SANS 10086-3.

    • Machine Equipment Audit
    • Machine Document Audit
    • Machine FLP Panel Repair (Tap and Drill)
    • Flameproof Repair Certification
    • Complete Machine Recertification

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