Shaft Laser Alignment

Shaft Laser Alignment

Shaft alignment is an important part of condition monitoring as this in the connection between driver and driven and a lot of time this is neglected and leads directly to shortened machine life or catastrophically failure. In the condition monitoring space, a lot of time is spent to ensure alignments are right and the higher the speed the more critical it is. Most unplanned alignment happens after hours or over weekends due to break downs. With the correct condition monitoring and maintenance strategies this can be prevented. When work is well planned the alignment is the least of the job but when unplanned the whole job turns around the alignment. Training is the most important part of alignment not just for Micro Tech but also for our clients. Once the alignment is done a report will be generated and sent on to the relevant Foreman on the next shift. A request will also be generated that a follow up vibration test be done to confirm the alignment.

The energy savings from alignment can be approximated in the field.

kW = x l x PF x √3/ 1000


  • kW = Three-phase power in kilo-Watts
  • V = RMS voltage, mean line-to-line of 3 phases
  • l = RMS current, mean of 3 phases
  • PF = Power factor as a decimal

Close Sample Calculations

Assumptions for this example: You have a 480 volt motor drawing 40 amps and operating 8400 hours/year. The Power Factor is .85. Electricity costs $0.06/kWhr. Also assume that the amp draw is measured before and after the alignment and it is found that there is a 1 amp difference.

  • kW =V* A*PF*1.732/1000
  • kW =480V* 1A*.85*1.732/1000
  • kW =.706 = power savings
  • Savings ($) = operating hours * kW savings * kW cost
  • Savings ($) = 8400 * .706 * $0.06/kWhr
  • Savings ($) = 8400 * .706 * $0.06/kWhr
  • Savings ($) = 355.82

If your plant has 80 similar motors, and if only half of them had the same amount of savings, it would total $355.82 * .5 = $14,232!

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